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photography by paul haar

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Clients' Statement

Heiwa is many things to us.  It's the fulfilment of a long-held dream for a rejuvenating bush retreat; a celebration of our love for Japanese architecture, expressed in the sensuous colours and textures of Australian timbers.  We cherish our home of blond ash and rich dark red gum; of delicate detail in shoji doors, rice paper and tatami, contrasting with solid cypress pine trunks and a rugged entrance arch.  The whole rests lightly on the ridge while anchored by local granite.  It's a warm and peaceful home, blurring the line between inside and outside, filled with light and the lovely view of valley, mountains and forest; a place for quiet reflection as well as for shared food, wine, talk and laughter.  The detailed work of planning with Paul took a couple of years and was immensely enjoyable - a journey as valued as the destination.  Our excitement doubled when Steve first came, sat on the hill, looked out across the valley and then took on the challenge.  We treasure both the resultant friendships and our beautiful home infused with the skill and craft of Paul and Steve.


Serenity in design                             

    Australian Timber Design Magazine 

    Summer 2003

Architect's Statement

Charlotte and Tilman are passionately attached to the wild mountains of south-eastern Australia.    They also hold precious their experiences of Japan, where architectural traditions celebrate timber as essence of both raw strength and refinement.  And so it's understandable that they would one day find themselves in the Strathbogie Ranges at a place of peace - their Heiwa.  Together with Tilman, Charlotte and builder Steve, I was able to court my eternal love affair with wood and nature.  A focus of appreciation for all who come to Heiwa is the fine detail and craftsmanship.  On display are mainly tall timbers that grow in the surrounding ranges including Mountain Ash, Messmate and Alpine Ash.  They are accompanied by other sustainably sourced woods including native Hoop Pine and LOSP treated Radiata Pine from plantation forests, and White Cypress from regrowth stands.  Also featured sparingly are specialist timbers from recycling yards and tree salvage operations, including River Red Gum, Yellow Stringybark, Yellow Box, Monterey Cypress and Black Bean.


Australian Timber Design Award 2001:

  • Runner-Up Supreme Design Award

  • Best Victorian Entry

  • Best Interior

  • Environmental Commitment

Builder's Statement

It's a joy to reflect on the house we built in the Strathbogie Ranges.  From first sight of the comprehensive plans and specifications for the project, it was clear to me that this building was going to be out of the ordinary.  Every line of every detail had obviously been thought over carefully so as to achieve a very harmonious result.  Blond feature timbers were specified through much of the building interior to give a very open and warm feeling to this lovely compact custom home.  With this in mind, I decided to set about constructing this charming home as a rather large joinery item.  My team of expert carpenters and joiners and I were given great pleasure in producing a unique home using some of Australia’s finest timbers.  I feel the end result speaks for itself.

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